AquaH2 Alkaline Hydrogen Rich Water Filter


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8 stage Hydrogen Rich Alkaline water purifier (Fluoride Removal)

This proprietary technology water filter is the result of over two years of marketing feedback research and development. It naturally changes oxidizing tap water containing a potential host of chemicals into the cleanest, healthiest, mineral-rich alkaline and hydrogen enriched water. It’s like having a pristine mountain stream filled with an ocean of antioxidants coming from your tap!
  • Highest H2 (diatomic molecular hydrogen) production from any non-electric ionizer.
  • Best contaminant reduction using the USA-made Calgon activited carbon which passed NSF 42 Standard.
  • Small water molecule which enables more efficient hydration to your body.
  • The only non-electric ionizer with good flow rate.
  • Elegant design, small footprint and easy to install.
  • Unbeatable performance, value and price.
  • USA-made media filters offering unrivalled contaminant reduction while creating an ideal pH and ionization (-ORP).

Filter Cartridge replacement after 3,000 litres of water usage – approximately 12 months usage for a family of 4 drinking 2 litres of water per day each.

Cartridge Replacement Cost: $165

Flow Rate: Approx 1.0 litre per minute
Filter Life: 6 months (depending on your local source water and usage)
Height: 36cm
Footprint: 13cm diameter
Shipping Weight 5kg
Filter Media: Patent pending media (no AAL or harmful resins or exchange media used)
pH Range 8.5 to 10.0 depending on your water source and flow rate (contact time)
ORP Range: -200 to -400 depending on your water source and flow rate
ORP Reduction: Up to 500 mV depending on your water source and flow rate
Green Product: Eliminate plastic waste in filter replacement and plastic bottles
Retains essential minerals: Calcium, magnesium, potassium
Great Tasting Water No residual exchange media
Connection Comes with tap diverter and tubing


AquaH2 Chemical Testing Results

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