The Truth about town tap water

you will never dare to drink it unfiltered after you read this article

What’s in Your Town Tap Water?


Tap water comes from one of two sources: surface water (including reservoirs, rivers, and lakes) or groundwater (from artesian and deep wells).


Most town water undergoes a disinfection process which destroys most harmful organisms like bacteria and parasites. However some disease carrying germs can still pollute surface water through the stools of infected animals and people.


Lead and copper can also be present in pre 1970 homes when copper pipes and lead joints were acceptable building materials.


Nitrates and other chemicals from fertilizer and pesticide ground runoff, arsenic via orchard runoff and industrial waste, and even airline rocket fuel have also been found in Town Tap Water.


Add to this the list of chlorination byproducts which are some of the most harmful contaminants of them all. The negative impact of fracking on our water supply is also yet to be determined.


Bear in mind that at every water point in your home, you are placing yourself at risk of harmful toxins that can be present in your town water. Even in the shower you are placing yourself at risk of inhaling toxic gases through your heated water, and absorbing toxins through your skin.


For your highest level of safety, the optimal method of filtration for your Town Water is a Whole House Filtration System combining a Sediment cartridge filter and a Carbon cartridge filter. The sediment filter will remove any sediment present in your home or Council water pipes, while the Carbon filter will remove most chemicals left over from the Town Water purification systems.


Using this Whole House Filtration System means at every point in your home your water is coming through as pure as possible – no inhalation or absorption through your skin of toxic chemicals in your shower, kitchen tap, bath, laundry, etc.


Combine this system with one of Aqua Mountain’s Alkalizing Water Purifiers and you’re ensuring healthy, pure water for you and your family. Our Town Water Filters include Fluoride Reduction filtration as Fluoride has been proven to pose considerable risks to your overall health – particularly young children.

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