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What’s in Your Town Tap Water?

Tap water comes from one of two sources

  • Surface water (including reservoirs, rivers, and lakes)
  • Groundwater (from artesian and deep wells).

Most town water undergoes a disinfection process which destroys most harmful organisms like bacteria and parasites. However, some disease carrying germs can still pollute surface water through the stools of infected animals and people.

Nitrates and other chemicals from fertilizer and pesticide ground runoff, arsenic via orchard runoff and industrial waste, and even airline rocket fuel have also been found in Town Tap Water.


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What’s in Your Tank Tap Water?

Water collected from your roof may get contaminated by:

  • Chemicals from paint or wood fire smoke from the chimney
  • Micro-organisms from bird and animal droppings on your roof
  • Decaying leaves that have collected in the gutters
  • Dead wildlife which have fallen into the tank.

Severe gastrointestinal illnesses such as gastroenteritis and infections caused by the protozoan parasites Cryptosporidium and Giardia have been found in tank water. The risk is higher for people with lower immune response, such as very young children, older people, and people with a chronic illness.

The definitive answer to ensuring your tank water is pure and clean for you to drink and bathe in is the Aqua Mountain Whole House UV filtration system.


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Why Alkaline Water?

Water That Heals!

Drinking a lot of healthy alkaline water is vital if you plan to maintain the proper pH of your body. Reverse osmosis and distilled (storage tank) water does not have an alkaline pH. Furthermore, these water filtration systems remove the minerals from the water leaving the water as ‘dry, hungry’ water that will seek to balance itself by drawing alkalizing minerals from your bones, teeth and joints.

In nature, rainwater which is essentially distilled water, is intended to run over the earth to balance itself by absorbing minerals from the earth. Aqua Mountain’s Benchtop Water Filtration Unit adds minerals back into your water with its 6 Step Filtration Technology. It is portable and not hooked up to your water line. It is convenient and easy to use by pouring tap water into the top of the tank to be cleaned and mineralized. The end result is water at a pH of 8 to 8.5.


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Unique 7 Stage Alkaway UltraStream Filtration Process

Crystal Quartz

The unique piezo electric effect of Crystal Quartz helps to soften the water and stabilises the Oxidation/Reduction Potential to give you the best tasting, fully energized water.

O-Dobi Beads

O-Dobi beads were discovered after a ten year search  for the perfect hydrogen and alkalizing natural media.
O-Dobi is a patented media designed specifically for a slow release of alkaline minerals calcium and magnesium, plus generation of infused molecular hydrogen. It slowly releases these elements to alkalize and to infuse the water with hydrogen gas. Tested to show 3x the hydrogen delivery of a $4000 electric ionizer.

Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic Magnets stabilize pH in the water by creating a strong magnetic field. Positioned after the O-Dobi to maintain its alkalizing effect.


Tourmaline is a semiprecious gem. It has the unique ability to soften water and impart far infra red energy. Tourmaline has a very soothing effect on nerves. It is also well known for its ability to aid in the detoxification process, for balancing metabolic functions, increasing vitality in living tissues and enhancing energy levels. Water is sweeter, softer and more delicious.


Patented KDF-85 is the best way to remove and neutralise heavy metals in your water. It has superior taste and odour reduction capabilities

It also reduces the effects of hard water and controls bacteria within the filter.
It’s also the most expensive filtration media in the world.

Catalytic Carbon

Our Catalytic Carbon is the best filtration carbon in the world with up to 8 times the surface area of ordinary granular carbon. Most activated carbon filters only remove chlorine. Catalytic Carbon also removes chloramines and far more VOC’s (volatile organics compounds)

It also removes toxins like volatile organics, trihalomethanes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more..

Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina is not to be confused with Aluminum. It’s actually the same substance as Ruby and Sapphires. Our life of filter tests show up to 70% reduction in fluoride. Fluoride is one of the hardest compounds to remove from water and a 70% reduction will drastically reduce your daily exposure to fluoride.

Filter Pads

One Micron Filter Pads between each layer separate filter medias and protect against carbon ‘fines’ leaking into your water.

Get the Benefits of Hydrogen Rich, Alkaline, Ionized Water Now!

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With a balanced range of essential minerals

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Sam was so helpful in guiding us to the best water filter solution for our family. We’re so happy with Aqua Mountain’s service that all our friends have now purchased from them as well. I couldn’t recommend a better company for product knowledge and the patience to guide people to the right solution for their household. 

Julie Macdonald

I travel in my camper quite a bit so I wanted to have pure water wherever I am. I was so glad to have contacted Sam at Aqua Mountain who helped me find a unit that ticked all the boxes for my lifestyle.

Graeme Underwood

The 4 Steps of Water Filtration for Optimal Health

Pure drinking water is vital to maintain optimal health. At Aqua Mountain we recommend water filtration that mimics Nature. As water travels through and across the earth, filtering through natural sand, soil and mineral deposits, toxins are extracted. Minerals are taken up, magnetic energy from the earth and far infra-red energy from the sun are absorbed causing the water’s structure to change. In the process the water is transformed into the most optimal state for cellular hydration.Some of the signs that your water may not be hydrating you correctly are:

  • constipation
  • difficulty focusing, fatigue and yawning
  • erratic, moody behaviour
  • aches & pains unrelated to injury/infection
  • craving sugar, sweets and caffeine

The all-important steps your water filtration should include are: 1. Purification 2. Ionisation 3. Alkalisation 4. Hydrogen Enrichment.

Let’s have a look at how each step contributes to the best, hydrating water on the planet.

1. Purification  (Pure Safe Water)

Depending on the source of your water there are different media to extract the toxins present in that particular kind of water. In town water we have two main types of toxins present – Chemicals (which include heavy metals, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, rocket fuel, etc) and Fluoride. Most town water undergoes a sanitization process to remove disease carrying bacteria and parasites, but the chemicals required in this sanitization process present further challenges to your health. For example, the chlorine used in your town water processing can kill the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. These healthy bacteria are your first line of defense/immunity in the body so anything that reduces the body’s immune system can have long term health risks.

One study found that smoking men who drank chlorinated tap water for more than 40 years faced double the risk of bladder cancer compared with smoking men who drank non-chlorinated water.

A second study found that rates for rectal cancers for both sexes escalated with duration of consumption of chlorinated water. Individuals on low-fibre diets who also drank chlorinated water for over 40 years more than doubled their risk for rectal cancer, compared with lifetime drinkers of non-chlorinated water.

It’s vital therefore to ensure your town water filter will remove chlorine and the other chemicals present. Carbon is the best media for chemical removal in your drinking water.

Fluoride – there is mounting evidence that fluoride itself poses grave health risks to infants and children—including reductions in IQ. The most common form of fluoride used for water fluoridation (hexafluorosilicic acid) is frequently contaminated with arsenic. Arsenic exposure in utero and during early childhood is also particularly problematic, as it can cause lasting harm to children’s developing brains, and endocrine and immune systems.

The other type of water source you may have is a Rainwater Tank. The main contaminants that make rainwater unsafe are microorganisms, such as bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal illnesses. The main bacteria that can be found in many rainwater tanks is Escherichia coli (E. coli), which is transmitted via faeces and can cause gastrointestinal illness including vomiting and diarrhoea. 0.5 micron Ceramic Filters, and Ultraviolet light are the best method to remove harmful organic microorgansims.

Step 2. Ionization  (Energised Stable Water)

Ionized water contains minerals that have either gained or lost electrons. There are two kinds of ionized water; ionized alkaline water and ionized acidic water. This step increases antioxidants and the hydration capacity of your water. Ionized water shows a reduced cluster size and reduced surface tension, features which can aid in better hydration as the water can more readily pass through the cell walls to hydrate, detox and energise you more rapidly.

Step 3. Alkalization  (PH. 8 to 9. Potential of Hydrogen) Healthy Water.

The following health conditions may benefit from the use of alkaline drinking water to assist particularly in balancing the highly acid Western foodstyle.

  • Osteoporosis
  • Blood coagulability
  • Hypertension
  • Eclampsia in pregnant women
  • Atherosclerotic vascular disease
  • Heartburn / Reflux
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease

Step 4. Hydrogen Enrichment  (Hydrogen Enhanced to 10,000 times) Healing Water.

Molecular Hydrogen is an excellent and a unique antioxidant. It is specific for the stabilsing of hydroxyl radical and increases the body’s natural antioxidant molecules. Also, due to its small size, it easily crosses cell membranes / blood brain barrier and has access to parts of the cell that other antioxidants are too large to reach.

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to increase the levels of SOD, Catalase and Glutathione peroxidase. It appears to be increasing the body’s innate antioxidant mechanisms and is renowned for its anti-inflammatory abilities . Read more about the benefits of hydrogen rich water here.

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