AlkaWay Alkaline Booster

The four essential alkaline minerals in pure electrolyte form that are essential to balancing the body’s alkalinity.

If we are choosing to alkalise then we can assume we’ve decided we have excess acids stored in our bodies and insufficient alkaline minerals to neutralise them and prevent them from harming us.

Yes, we can eat greens and high alkaline foods to help alkalise our bodies… and by doing that we are eating them to get the alkaline minerals in them. So… why wouldn’t we simply take alkaline minerals?

The only argument we’ve ever had against taking alkaline minerals is that we cannot digest ‘inorganic minerals’. This is just untrue – as untrue as the idea that there are ‘organic’ and inorganic’ minerals! A well-balanced mix of the four giants of alkalising – calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, mixing with a little water, would give us all the alkalising we want.

Too simple! We sell a mix of these minerals. It’s called Alkaline Booster and it’s my experience that for a stable and energetic workday, I can’t beat a shot in the morning.

A combination of four powerful carbonate salts (sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate) that helps restore and maintain your alkaline balance. These salts are naturally occurring in all fluids of the body.

Alkaline Booster may be used daily to increase the alkalinity of any food or drink or as a sports supplement to assist in regaining peak performance by counterbalancing excessive acid production caused by heavy exercise or an acidic lifestyle. A great way to get into the Alkaline diet.

Other uses include baking, tooth scrub, mouthwash, deodoriser, bath soak, foot bath and general cleanser.

*This plant is not cultivated or treated with any additives, pesticides or herbicides; and is GMO-free. Thaumatin is extracted, unaltered from a naturally existing state in the fruit and purified using purely physical processes of mechanical separation, water extraction and filtration. No solvents are used in the extraction process. The extraction process is carried out in facilities with procedures in place which maintain Natural, GMO, and Allergen Free status