Reverse Osmosis Water Filter with Alkaliser (Fluoride Removal) – Portable

This Portable Alkaline Reverse Osmosis filter system features our EXCLUSIVE 3 Step Carbon Calcite combination cartridge designed to reduce cost and size and at the same time providing healthy pH neutral filtered water. This system will remove Fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals from your drinking water.

Most people know these days the importance of drinking Alkaline or at the very least NON ACIDIC water. Most conventional Reverse Osmosis systems only include a post carbon filter for taste and neglect the additional minerals required in the water to return the water to how nature intended it to be. This compact, easy to use Portable Reverse Osmosis filter includes an Alkaline filter at the final stage, leaving you with pH neutral safe drinking water. For Town Water users this system ensures 99.99% of all chemicals are removed PLUS the bonus of alkalised water.


  • Compact Design – Minimize space for both use and storage
  • Completely assembled – No need for any confusing assembly
  • PLUG AND PLAY – connects straight to any standard mixer tap (22-24mm)
  • Bonus thread adaptor – Suits male and female threads on standard taps
  • 2 In 1 Alkaline and Carbon Post Filter
  • Neutral pH ‘Alkalised’ Water
  • LOW WASTE WATER – Averaging at 1:1 Filtered to Waste Water (Varies depending on water quality)
  • Instructions Included

Replacement filters are available – we call or email you when your filters are due for replacement.


  • Pure Water – Removes all the garbage including
    – Fluoride
    – Heavy Metals
    – Chlorine, Chloramines and other Volatile Organic Compounds
    – Hardness and inorganic mineral contamination
  • Healthy Alkaline Water – Water how nature intended, contaminant free, mild alkalinity
  • Portable – Adapts to most kitchen taps, Take it with you when you travel.
  • Produces approx 190L of Alkaline filtered water per day (24Hr) depending on your local water pressure.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration is the safest and most effective solution to remove Fluoride from your drinking water.
Fluoride is a proven neurotoxin shown in countless credible studies in the US. The claimed dental health benefits are irrelevant compared to the known and proven correlation between fluoridated water and Chronic Disease.

Reverse Osmosis water filtration is able to remove Fluoride from the water as it is a Mineral Salt. Mineral salts will pass straight through standard filtration however the 0.0001 Micron RO membranes are able to remove Fluoride along with other impurities in the water.

Why Some People Say ‘RO Water is BAD’

Once minerals are extracted from water, the chemistry of water adjusts violently to become acidic.

An interesting fact is that rain water that is near pure is also very acidic until it reaches the ground – once it reaches the ground it begins to dissolve minerals from the earth, this in turn balances the pH (the chemistry of the water).

The best form of hydration is clean, chemical free and impurity free H2O. Exactly as nature intended.

However, a down side to producing this sort of water using the Reverse Osmosis process is that stripping the water as we do, causes the water to become acidic again (back to its rain water condition). So, what’s needed at this point is a trade-off…

To produce non-acidic water we need to add back some mineral. Keep in mind this mineral is not the type of mineral your body needs for nutrition. These are non-organic minerals – therefore not valuable to your body’s health, but valuable in the fact that it’s achieving a balanced pH –  which is vital to your health.

This 3 Step Alkalising Reverse Osmosis delivers the best Pure Water in a safe pH range to support your optimal health.