Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge 10″ x 2.5″

Fluoride Reduction Water Filter Cartridge

10″ x 2.5″ Poly Pleated 5 micron Washable Water Filter Cartridge

10″ x 2.5″ Polyspun Sediment Water Filter Cartridge

This 10″ x 2.5″ Polyspun Sediment Cartridge is used in the Under Sink Water Filter System. The benefits of this filter are:

  • High performance
  • High flow rate
  • High load capacity
  • The inabilty to grow bacterial slime

These filters are IDEAL for:

  • Town and tank water filtration
  • Pre carbon filtration

Benefits of 0.5 micron Filtration:

Giardia is a common condition caused by drinking contaminated water supplies. It causes severe and re-occuring stomach upsets which will require medical attention. Giardia needs to pass through 0.5 micron filtration in order to trap the microscopic particles that will pass through anything larger than 0.5 micron filter media. In the past, the only method of doing this was to buy expensive 0.5 micron carbon filters. We are happy to say that we now offer a much cheaper alternative, which is the 0.5 micron Sediment Filter.

The 0.5 micron sediment filter effectively reduces Giardia, thus allowing you to purchase any micron rating Carbon Filters, because regardless of the micron rating they will ALL extract the chemical elements.

We recommend using this 0.5 micron Poly Spun cartridge in conjunction with our 1 micron H2-Blue Coconut Carbon Filter on all twin under sink systems for use on town or tank water supplies. On tank water you may be better advised to use our Pleated Polyspun Filter to remove excess dirt in your water as this filter can be cleaned.

10″ x 2.5″ Carbon Water Filter 0.5 micron Cartridge


PREMIUM QUALITY, 100% coconut carbon cartridge at a genuine 0.5 Micron rating.

The taste and performance of this cartridge is second to none.

Coconut Carbon Filter reduces cysts, chlorine, organic chemicals, bad tastes & odours, dirt and sediment.

No release of carbon fines

NSF tested and certified by independent laboratory

ISO 9001 – 2000 Standard

Meets FDA requirements

Most lower priced filters on the market are a blend of coconut carbon and coal based carbon. The problem with coal based carbon is that it has a shorter life and often results in a less palatable flavor.

These HIGH QUALITY coconut carbon block filters are ideal for taste and odour issues, and perfect for extraction of town water chemicals. TOP OF THE RANGE 100% coconut carbon, this particular filter is currently supplied throughout the European market as a premium drinking water filter.

The perfect carbon block filter is made from 100% Coconut Shell Carbon, which creates what many believe to be sweetest tasting water. The unique pore structure of this carbon is well suited for chemical absorption, including VOC’s, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to taste and odour.

Contains Poly Prophylene ends and meshing rather than rubber. (Rubber has a tendency to harbour bacteria). Poly Prophylene is designed with this in mind, resulting in long life and pure water. NO BAD SMELLS OR TASTES. This filter is truly as good as it gets!