Alkalizing Stones


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Alkalizing stones to add to your benchtop water fountain help to raise the alkalinity of the water.


Negative Ion Grey Ceramic Balls – By adding negative ion ceramic balls in drinking water can help kill bacteria, increase dissolved oxygen, and activate water.

FAR Infra-Red (Red Ceramic Balls) – the far-infrared red ceramic balls release the far-infrared ray which have resonance with water molecules. This enables the water to form small molecule groups and increase the oxygen content of water. Long-term drinking water filtrated by this product can contribute zinc lithium, iodine, selenium and other trace elements that our bodies need, but also regulate the body’s microcirculation and may improve immune capacity. 

Maifan Stones – can improve biological activity of the water with dissolved oxygen concentration. They can remove harmful heavy metals, so the mineralized water produced by Maifan Stone is called “cell detergent”. Maifan Stones have a strong ability to absorb heavy metal ions and toxins in the water, can reduce the concentrations of bacteria and inhibit its reproduction speed. They can remove mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals and chlorinated, and other harmful substances to purify water.

Attention: Should wash with clean water twice before treating water.

1 review for Alkalizing Stones

  1. Julie Macdonald

    We had our Benchtop Fountain water tested for alkalinity before we bought these extra stones. We tested it again after we added the stones into the fountain. We were happy to find that our water had increased in alkalinity by .4. It was pH 8.2 and now is pH 8.6. I think the water tastes/feels a bit softer too.

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