Hydrogen-Rich Alkalizing Ionizing Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Portable (Fluoride Removal)


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Providing the benefits of Reverse Osmosis removal of fluoride and other town water chemicals, this system re-mineralizes & alkalises the water, includes the benefits of FAR Infrared technology and magnetic energizing of your water.


Learn more about the benefits of Hydrogen-Rich Reverse Osmosis Water here.

This system will remove Fluoride, Chlorine, and heavy metals from your drinking water. The 6 Stages in this Hydrogen-Rich Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System are:

Stage 1: Inline Carbon Cartridge – replace every 6 months ($35)

NSF Certified, this 1 micron inline carbon filter acts to protect the stage two membrane by removing the majority of taste, odour or chemicals in the water and helps to prolong the life of the membrane.

Stage 2: Reverse Osmosis Membrane – 1-5 Year Life ($95)

The RO membrane is the “engine room” of this system. All the crucial work is done here.

This membrane is a 0.0001-micron rating. It is classed by the manufacturer to be a U.S 50 gallon per day membrane (190 Litres). Note, these figures are for optimum working pressure/conditions and will vary according to your local council water pressure.

Some sellers state numbers like 300 Litres/day which can NEVER be achieved, and simply reflects inexperience in the industry.

Stage 3: T300 Hydrogen-Rich Water Filter High Alkaline – Replace every 12 Months or 4,000L ($95)

This Post RO filter is one of the only alkalising filters in the world that can raise and retain a constant pH between 8.5 and 9.5 over a 12 Month Period and potentially longer. This unique cartridge is made up of pure Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium Mineral to provide superior pH stability in the high alkaline range. This High Quality, FDA Certified Cartridge has numerous beneficial effects on Drinking Water.

Stage 4: Life Energy Ceramic (FAR Infrared) – Replace every 2 Years ($50)

This stage greatly enhances the health of the water. Infrared beads are amazing given that they don’t even come into contact with the water. This filter has the ability to assist in the sanitizing of the water with infrared emitting frequency balls through glass tubes.

Just a few of the effects of Infra-Red Rays on the body are:
Activates the water molecules and improves oxygen levels in the body. With its warming effect it eliminates fats/ chemicals and toxins from the blood, accelerates blood flow, reduces acid levels in the body,  improves nervous system functionality, promotes the elimination of other wastes from our cells therefore reducing acidic levels and promotes the strengthening of the immune system. Far Infra Red Rays Ionize and activate water molecules in our cells and blood thereby improving blood circulation and overall health.

With water making up 70% mass of the human body, FAR Infrared is able to activate, revitalize, reactivate, develop and strengthen various organs in the body when it is absorbed. In the various organs of the human body, FIR vibrating at a frequency similar to that of human body is able to penetrate the body, activate cells and reactivates as well as strengthens the micro-circulatory systems. It regulates the blood flow and blood in blood vessels, which have been blocked due to blood clots and at the same time reactivates the vital energy in the body. FIR also acts to prevent bacteria growth, relieve pain and speed the recovery process.

Stage 5: 100% Activated Coconut Carbon Filter – Replace every 12 Months ($35)

Extremely high grade coconut carbon cartridge for maximum extraction of taste or odour issues. This step provides clean, crisp tasting water.

Stage 6: Magnetic Water Energizer (Never needs replacing)

The Fluid Reactor magnetic system supplies negative magnetic water treatment for human consumption and the evidence of its benefits has been overwhelmingly positive. Magnetic energy is widely used in water treatment and this technology has been pioneered here in Australia. The negative defusing technology employed in this step activates negative energy into the drinking water.

The experienced benefits from this technology include reducing the symptoms of kidney stones and calcification of the arteries along with the many other advantages of drinking negatively charged water.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Performance:

The following levels of removal of various elements found in drinking water can be expected:

Inorganic Organic Rejection Aluminum 98% Adrazin Over 98% Arsenic 98% Aldrin Over 98% Benzene Over 98% Barium 95% Chlorine Over 98% Cadmium 95% Chloroform Over 98% Calcium 98% DOT Over 98% Chloride 95% Dichlormethane Over 98% Chromium VI 98% Endrin Over 98% Copper 98% Fluoranthene Over 98% Fluoride 99.9% Herbicides Over 98% Iron 98% Lindane Over 98% Lead 98% Methoxychlor Over 98% Magnesium 98% PCB Over 98% Manganese 98% Pesticides Over 98% Mercury II 85% Perchlorethylene Over 98% Nitrate 90% Phenole Over 98% Potassium 95% Tannic Acids Over 98% Selenium IV 95% Toxaphene Over 98% Silver 98% Trichlorethlene Over 98% Sodium 95% Trihalomethanes Over 98% Strontium 98% V.O.C.’s Over 98% Sulphate 98% Total Dissolved Solids 95% Zinc 98%

We supply all Replacement cartridges. Please phone us to order.

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  1. Graeme Underwood

    Very happy with my RO system. I was always worried about the chemicals in our town water and had read about RO taking out pretty much all the chemicals including fluoride. I had also read RO could be detrimental to your bones and teeth because it leaves the water in a state where it will rob your bones and teeth of alkalizing minerals. This hydrogen rich alkalizing reverse osmosis system has solved all those problems! What I really love about this unit is that I travel in my camper quite a bit so I can take it with me and have pure water wherever I am. I was so glad to have contacted Sam at Aqua Mountain who helped me find a unit that ticked all the boxes for my lifestyle.

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