Shower Water Filter



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For Town Water Filtration

Includes Carbon Filter to remove chemicals commonly found in Town Water.

Available in silver or white.



How Does this Shower Filter Work?

Our Shower Filter uses KDF media (or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Media) which is a chemical compound used in water filtration applications. KDF is often used along side activated carbon to maximise the filter’s efficiency. Generally KDF is used in a purification system as a pre-filter, before another, finer stage of filtration, for example, reverse osmosis, de-ionisation and ion exchange systems.

KDF is regarded as being one of the newer developments in water treatment and filtration. Since its development in 1984, it has grown to be widely regarded as one of the best filtration medias available.

In this Shower Filter water passes through a bed of pure KDF or an Activated carbon/KDF mix. As the water makes contact with the KDF particles the Redox reaction takes place, removing such impurities as minerals, metals, dissolved oxygen and organic materials. The KDF itself creates a miniature electrolytic cell within the spaces between each particle, the zinc acting as the anode and the copper acting as the cathode within this cell, and the water and its impurities acting as the electrolyte through which the charge flows. When the contaminants and impurities found in water pass through this electrolytic cell, some substances, especially metals, react to the magnetic force exerted by the electrolytic cell and are attracted to the surface of the KDF particles, where they adhere.

Other non-metal impurities react with the KDF and form zinc oxides, copper hydroxides, hydroxides, and sulfates in the water. These by-products remain within the drinking water, but are not dangerous, also as part of this reaction, ozone is created and carried through into the shower water, forming a hostile environment for algae, bacteria and any other micro-organisms.

Its best results will be found by not exceeding 9 lpm with the ability to flow at a much greater rate if required.

This shower filter has been developed to achieve a high flow capacity or the ability to flow unrestricted. A lot of shower filters are very restrictive which creates problems with the tempering valve on the hot water system.

When extra pressure is pushed back down the hot water line to the tempering valve from a choked shower filter, the valve becomes confused and can switch quickly back and forward from hot to cold and so on. This doesn’t happen with our shower filters.




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Silver, White


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